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13-May-2011, 09:19
Hi Group,
A very large format camera was presented for sale to me.

This huge camera seems in very good condition, with one plate holder.
I estimate the plate size to be around 60 X 80 cm. The bottom part of the table is missing (foot under table).
There is also one lens that reads:

Triple Anastigmat F=600mm ,
Cooke Linse, H.D. Taylor's Patent DRP 86737
Voightlander s Sohn braunschweig
N° 58649

What would the market-value be for this beast?

Many thanks all !

14-May-2011, 01:07
Anyone? Something on the lens, maybe?

Dan Fromm
14-May-2011, 03:29
Uncommon, thin market, few, if any, recent prices. Put it up for sale on the great auction site and then you'll know.

14-May-2011, 05:21
Have a Photo or 5?

14-May-2011, 20:20

Were are you located? If you are planning on selling this camera and you must ship form a remote location, the shipping cost would come into play. Some of the older cameras are large and bulky which makes shipping $$$

If you are in a metropolitan area, you have a better chance of getting a fair price for it, as shipping or even a local purchase can help keep the buyer's expense down.

14-May-2011, 20:25
Condition is everything too, especially the bellows.

Kent in SD

Steven Tribe
15-May-2011, 03:11
The lens is a very well known "intermediate/stopgap" offering from Voigtländer.
They had great success with good fast aplanats, but were left behind in the anastigmatic development in the 1890's.
First, they licenced the early protars from Carl Zeiss. Then they made a similar arrangement with T,T & H for the Cooke triplet.
There are two series which have the cooke details on them.
Series I, F from 6.8 up to 9 (1887 - 1903)
Series II, again F from 6.8 to F9 (1911-1913).

I think the series I is by far the commoner.
The 60cm is the 9th in the list, 8cm across the front lens! Covers more than 50x60cm.
This is thus an objective that will attract the UULF crew! The fact that Voigtländer made lots of very big Heliars later might influence prices.

If you are in Europe, there is a tradition for these monster plate cameras - called Grosser Salon Apparat.
One was sold last week in Berlin in a general auction. It was listed with a starting bid of €100. Not a super large objective, though. Hammer price is not available on line - but I doubt it went very high. The biggest model was 80x100cm plate. All these camera have very solid tables which look more suitable for coffin transport. It makes the Century stand design look lightweight.

9-Jun-2014, 03:45
I have the same lens with different focal:
Portrait-Anastigmat Focal=480mm 4.5
Cooke Linse, H.D. Taylor's Patent DRP 86737
Voightlander & Sohn braunschweig
N° 59,xxx

Could someone write rounded value, with both caps, without board, glass in nearly mint condition.

I found only this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Messigobjektiv-Voigtlander-/281028507252

I would like to use this lens on my FKD 30x40, i`m waiting for delivery camera.

Steven Tribe
9-Jun-2014, 07:42
As I have already told you in a reply to your PM, this is a series II Cooke design. Voigtländer made 3 versions - the 48cm makes it the first series which is listed for just 24x30cm coverage. This was a very expensive lens in 1914 (960 marks) but is not very sought after because of the coverage (typical for triplets) and the more distinctive Heliar.

9-Jun-2014, 10:26
Ok, but price what you write 300-400 E is ridiculous.... so I ask here

Steven Tribe
9-Jun-2014, 12:12
Only a small percentage of lenses go above this price. Do not compare with other "real" Voigtländers of the same length.

9-Jun-2014, 13:09
I found listing on ebay which ended by 1010 E (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Messigobjektiv-Voigtlander-/281028507252 - exactly the same lens as mine, for repair), i found it on collect blend (600mm Coke linse, not 480 mm), so i have some feeling about price.

I still dont change my mind, heard your opinion, I don`t collect lens, I will never sell you this lens. I make photos, and I`m going to take great shots with this lens anyway, do you shot yours cameras and lenses?

Steven Tribe
9-Jun-2014, 13:56
You asked for my opinion (by PM) and others (here) generally about this lens and it's value. I have actually owned a couple of the Cooke Voigtländers, but not kept them. Of course, you will find examples of competitive bidding - even on items with only specialist appeal. Most bidders at the auction you mentioned gave up around 400 euros.

Sorry I didn't give the answer you wanted to see - and I don't use PMs to purchase equipment unless through the for sale thread.

This is a big example of the Cooke series II which Voigtländer licenced around 1900, before they developed the Heliar triplet!
They are very well made - I have owned 2 of these.
I assume your camera is a 30x40cm reisekamera? I have 2 of these too.
My catalogue says the 48cm size will cover 24x30cm. It may cover 30x40cm with small apertures!
It is the 60cm (the largest made) that covers 30x40cm.

The modified serial number will effect value a little - probably around 300-400 euros on ebay.
There are many lenses that can do the same.

Please try and be civil!

9-Jun-2014, 14:11
When i try, i will write coverage here, check it in catalogue and its about 24x31 as you write.