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Terry Hull
13-May-2011, 07:24
I purchased rubbermaid tanks, thinking they would work for processing FP4. I find the hangers I had delivered today don't quite overhang the edge of the tank-other than that they are perfect.

Two questions, first are there different sizes of 5X7 hangers in terms of "hanging width", and secondly does anyone have any suggestions in terms of making them fit?

Thank you.

Gem Singer
13-May-2011, 08:01
5x7 stainless steel film hangers are made to a standard size.

Since Rubbermaid tanks were not made for film processing, they can be modified for that purpose by installing a piece of clothes hanger wire, across the top of one end of the tanks.

This gives the film hangers something to hang onto, keeping them from slipping into the tanks.

I've done this with Rubbermaid tanks, and it works very nicely for operating in the dark.

To attach the wire to the tank, use epoxy, or heat the wire hot enough to melt the plastic, and it will then fuse into place

13-May-2011, 14:38
what rubbermaid tank are you using?

Terry Hull
15-May-2011, 08:14
I am using a 3.8 liter 16 cup rubbermaid tank.

Gem Singer
15-May-2011, 12:52
Utilizing the same size Rubbermaid tank for pre-soak and stop bath and 1/2 gal. stainless steel tanks for developer and fixer, I develop both 4x5 and 5x7 negatives in three tanks. Two SS, and the Rubbermaid tank in the middle. Both 4x5 and 5x7 stainless steel film hangers have the same size hanging bars.

As I explained, the Rubbermaid tanks that Terry is using are slightly too long but can easily be shortened and adapted for film processing merely by adding a piece of coat hanger wire across the top of one end of the tank so that the hanger bars of the SS film hangers have something to hang onto.

15-May-2011, 14:19
does someone have a picture of the tank you are using or a link? I'm looking for something to use hangers with only for my wash, developing in drums, but my washing is not working and want something I can give stuff a good soak in.


Gem Singer
15-May-2011, 15:01
Wal Mart housewares dept.

Terry Hull
20-May-2011, 04:33
The tanks mentioned above are now in the pantry with sugar and flour stored therein. I was not successful in making them work, but if others have the same dilemma, the Container store has a similiar shaped container that is narrower at the top and 5X7 hangers fit perfectly.