View Full Version : Super-Angulon XL 90/5.6

11-May-2011, 21:05
Would a Super-Angulon XL 90/5.6 be overkill, in terms of lens circle, for use with 6x9 film on an Arca Swiss? I photograph mainly buildings and would like to have the option to use lots of movements.


Steve Barber
11-May-2011, 21:58
While it is true that the 90mm S-A XL has a large image circle for its focal length, when used with a 6x9, it is only slightly wider than normal and, I think, you would be giving up too much subject area. For a wide angle lens for that format, wouldn’t you need something more like a 43mm or 50mm lens? A 47mm S-A XL would seem like a better choice. While it barely has enough coverage to fully cover a 4x5 it would have, in percentage terms, about the same amount of usable movement on a 6x9 as a 90mm S-A XL does on a 4x5. On a 4x5, the problem I have with the 90mm S-A XL is lack of subject area; it almost always has plenty of movement available.

11-May-2011, 22:51
> lack of subject area. Er, could you just expand on what you mean by subject area?

Steve Barber
12-May-2011, 01:27
> lack of subject area. Er, could you just expand on what you mean by subject area?

Having the image I want too large to fit on the film available. Like having my back against a wall and still not being able to get all of the building in the frame.

12-May-2011, 04:29
I would say that yes, it is overkill. It will give you ~90mm of rise in landscape orientation. With the back vertical, the horizon is already outside the frame at 28mm of rise. More demanding is portrait orientation, in which you have ~80mm of rise available. Again, already at 42mm of rise, the horizon is outside the photo (back vertical).

For a 90mm on 6x9, I'd look at something like a Super Angulon (non-XL), Fuji SW/SWD, Nikkor SW or Grandagon. These have less falloff than the XL, and will give you tons of movement on 6x9. Also, they are cheaper.

If money was no object, I'd get the 90XL and center filter. But then, I'd also get a 4x5 or 5x7 so that I could actually use all that image circle.