View Full Version : Washing and Drying a Harrison Tent

Frank Petronio
11-May-2011, 10:50
Any advice? Mine is dusty on the exterior (not interior)...

It says this on their website:

Turn the tent inside out to clean the interior. Either sponge clean with water or a mild solution of dishwashing soap, or soak in a bucket of water. Set the tent up to completely air dry after washing.Machine washing or drying will damage the coating on the fabric - never machine wash or dry-clean your tent or bag. Don't use cleaning products on the tent, as chemicals can damage the fabric coating.

11-May-2011, 11:35
I've used Dr. Bronner's soap and water to clean inside and out. I wipe it down with a wet sponge and put in the bathtub to dry upside down, then later flip over to let any remaining water drops run down the corners and dry out. I see no harm to mine so far. Dr Bronner's is lacking in all the chemicals and crap that make up most soaps.
They say it can be used for anything. Don't try the toothpaste recommendation. Ick.