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Duane Polcou
10-May-2011, 22:18

Does someone recognize this Brand / Type of 4x5 Black and White film from the attached notch code JPEG ?

I found some 4x5 sheets of this film which must be from stock purchased a few years ago.


MIke Sherck
11-May-2011, 06:11
Looks like Ilford FP4+ to me (the current version, not the old.)


11-May-2011, 13:46
I agree with Mike, although it seems a bit compressed horizontally.

I have a bunch of current-date 4x5 FP4+ in front of me, and they all look like that but spread out wider.

- Leigh

Duane Polcou
11-May-2011, 16:07
Thank you Mike and Leigh. The notch code attachment was just quickly created in Photoshop and not to scale, so I believe it is FP4+.

11-May-2011, 22:00
:) Just thought I'd share this, as I just found it:


12-May-2011, 06:11
Neat reference, but I found one error out of one film checked.

The code shown for Kodak Plus X Professional 4147 is nowhere close to the code shown on the film box (exp 1987).

- Leigh

Mark Sampson
12-May-2011, 06:38
That's probably because Kodak changed many of their notch codes some time in the early 2000s.

12-May-2011, 06:52
That's very possible. I don't know since I don't use their products. That's why I had no recent films to check.

I'm sure they saved .0001 cent per sheet by changing them. Of course it likely caused mass confusion among their customers, but they didn't care.

- Leigh

13-May-2011, 08:55
I gt 2 different notch code for my shanghai film 100. I wonder why also...