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10-May-2011, 18:49
I seem to get confused about the different holders and different films they will take.

I want to shoot the fuji instant 4x5. Can I use this holder? I have read the 550 is the holder to use....:confused:

I also have read some conflicting info on using readyload and quickloads in the 545 holder. What works? I have a quickload holder already and I know what it can be used for ; at least i think i do!

I did read this: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/holders.html#readyloads and it helped a bunch but I want to dbl check before I buy a holder and a pile of film.


10-May-2011, 18:52
try a SEARCH!

10-May-2011, 19:09
Don't know where you're going to buy "a pile of film" considering it's all been discontinued and is no longer available.

- Leigh

10-May-2011, 19:10
try a SEARCH!

yep...i did search; hence the link above...yep...came up with a pile of different info; much of it conflicting and/or out of date....thought I would just ask...sorry to have bothered you

10-May-2011, 19:13
Don't know where you're going to buy "a pile of film" considering it's all been discontinued and is no longer available.

- Leigh

perhaps a little expensive but not really hard to find.

There is a small project I am considering and I thiught the fuji might be interesting to use.

10-May-2011, 19:38
There is a small project I am considering and I thiught the fuji might be interesting to use.
In that case I would suggest getting the film first, in an appropriate quantity, and possibly comprising different types.

Then get the holder(s) to match the film. Holders are available from cheap to free.

- Leigh

Brian C. Miller
10-May-2011, 19:41
Be nice, Vinny! Or the LF gods will leak light on your film like a Holga!

David, the types of Polaroid holders and film are not interchangeable.

The 545 holder is for the single-sheet film, like Type 55. Kodak Readyload and Fuji Quickload film was designed to also fit in this holder. The Kodak and Fuji film may or may not work in the other's holder, as there are multiple factors.

The Polaroid 550 holder works with the Fuji Instant film. And of course the Fuji film works with the Fuji holder.

10-May-2011, 19:53
thnaks Brian...that was sort of what i thought but i got a bit murky in there

10-May-2011, 21:31
I asked a similar question last week. Here is a the last summarizing reply from Marc B.

"Here is the rundown on availability/compatibility:

Fuji PA-45, Film holder for 4X5 Pack film



There are currently only two Pack Films offered, that
will fit the Fuji PA 45 Back, or Polaroid 550 Back

Fuji Color, 100 ASA, 4X5 Pack Film

It is rumored that production of the 4X5 inch B&W, 3200 ASA, Pack Film,
has ended; only the 100 ASA Color, remains in production in 4X5 inch, though
some say this B&W, 4X5 size, is still produced/distributed for the Japan, or Asian markets.
I'm unable to confirm this at this time.

Fuji B&W, ASA 3200, 4X5 Pack Film

Below are the three (smaller), Pack Films offered in 3.25 X 4.24 inch size,
and to the best of my knowledge, still in production for worldwide distribution.

These (3) Pack Films will fit the Fuji PA 145, and Polaroid 405 Film Backs.
Either of these backs do appear with some frequency on the big auction site.

Fuji Color, 100 ASA, 3.25X4.25 Pack Film

Fuji B&W, 100 ASA, 3.25X4.25 Pack Film

Fuji B&W, 3200 ASA, 3.25X4.25 Pack Film

The Polaroid, Single Sheet Film Backs, Model 545/545i, are totally
useless for readily available, Instant Film Photography of today.
Too large for paper weights, and too ugly for door stops...Useless!"

11-May-2011, 00:11
Cliff's Notes Version:

Fuiji PA-45 and Polaroid 550 backs take 4x5 Fujiroid film packs, which are still available.

Fuji PA-145 and Polaroid 405 backs take 3-1/4x4-1/4 Fujiroid film packs, which are still available.

Fuji Quickload holder and Polaroid 545 accept Fuji Quickload film, which has been discontinued in the last year. The Fuji holder works more reliably than the Polaroid, and it's also lighter and less bulky.

Kodak Readyload holder and Polaroid 545 accept Kodak Readyload film, which was discontinued quite a while ago. The Kodak holder was much more reliable with Readyloads than was the Polaroid holder.

Only the Polaroid 545 accepts Polaroid sheet film, which is long out of production and which has no current replacement. But boxes of the stuff get sold from time to time for a high price.

Rick "who has a freezer full of Quickloads, but no Polaroid sheet film left" Denney