View Full Version : Ordered film for the summer & x-ray question

John Kasaian
10-May-2011, 10:03
I ordered two boxes of 8x10 Ilford HP-5+ to help see me through the summer, plus a box of Fuji green x-ray film to experiment with (I like that price!:D )

My question is, since x-ray film is coated on both sides, how do you hold it for loading in the holders? Do I need to wear gloves? Is it safe to load under a safelight?


10-May-2011, 11:02
I have blue-sensitive x-ray film and I cut-and-load under a red safelight -- and also process it under a red safelight, though I keep the film in my shadow while it is the developer (which may not be necessary).

I just wash my hand well, careful about what I touch, and do not worry about gloves. Fingers do not produce oils, so as long as you do not scratch your nose or stroke your lover's hair in the darkroom, you'll be fine.

I also notch one corner of the film so I know which side was towards the lens.


Jim Fitzgerald
10-May-2011, 20:19
John, I'll echo what Vaughn said. If you have dry hands that are rough you may want to wear gloves. Don't let the film run over the flap as this will scratch it. Load and unload in red light and develop from start to finish in the light. Prints great for silver and alternative processes. I typically have negatives with ranges of .35 - 2.45 and higher. I do recommend developing in Pyro and 8x10 in tanks. I do four at a time in hangers and development is 6 minutes. Great stuff.

John Kasaian
10-May-2011, 21:39

Jay DeFehr
11-May-2011, 08:13
I have a box of 8x10 X-ray film waiting for me at home. The only developer I have on hand is 510-Pyro, but I'm very interested to see how the film behaves in Sweet 'N' Lo. Thanks for the tip about the flap, Jim. Some of my hinges are a little stiff, so that might require some special attention when loading, but loading under a safelight makes it much more manageable.

Andrew O'Neill
11-May-2011, 08:42
I've been using green lat xray film for a couple of years. Be very careful when loading it in holders as emulsion is easily scratched. I'm pretty anal so I slip in a sheet of paper halfway into the holder before sliding the xray film in.
Just like any other film, I wash my sweaty hands first before handling.
Red or yellow/orangy safelight is fine. I load/unload and develop film under my safelight.

11-May-2011, 10:41
After initial fumbling and random scratching I got reeeeally careful.
The worst problem is now trying to pick the edge to remove it from the holder without scratching