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Roberto Manderioli
8-Apr-2001, 15:07
Hello everyone. I have a former model of a Wista SP metal camera (Wista 45 D) an d would like to buy a roll-film (6x9) adapter. The camera is, to me identical to the Wista 45 SP. There are two kind of roll film holder from Wista: "Rollfilm Holders for Sliding Back" and "Rollfilm Holders 4x5" mount". Which one is for what? Why should I choose one instead of the other? I would app reciate help from anyone about this accessory since information on the Wista sit e is rather lacking.

TIA Ciao Roberto

Emil Salek
8-Apr-2001, 15:53
All three metallic Technical Field cameras by Wista (RF, SP and VX) will take the 4x5 mount roll filme holders in their Graflock type back. There are two formats available: 6x7 and 6x9 cm. All other RFHs that were designed for the Graflock back will fit as well. I am for instance using a Sinar Zoom on my Wista VX. If you want to use the sliding back, then you need the other type of RFH as well. On the Wista's site, you have to click: For Foreign Residents/Showroom/Accessories/Accessories 1. You will then see all types of RFHs available. Do not hesitate to contact Wista through their Web page. I made an excellent experience with them.

Oren Grad
8-Apr-2001, 18:53
Roberto -

You don't want the "rollfilm holders for sliding back" - those use the 2x3 Graflok fitting. But there are still two different kinds of Wista rollfilm holder for 4x5 - the "45" type backs which attach to any camera with "international style" or "Graflok style" clips, and the "Field 45" type which has "butterfly wings" on the back which are intended to allow it to be used as a slide-in holder as well. What I don't know is whether the backs on the Wista metal field cameras open far enough to allow use of these "Field 45" slide-in types. Does anyone else here have any experience with this combination?

Mark Windom
9-Apr-2001, 00:33

I use the Horseman 6X9 roll film back on my Wista SP. I've never had a problem of any kind and highly recommend Horseman.

Roberto Manderioli
10-Apr-2001, 07:12
I would like to thank everyone who answered to my question. It truly helped me. Best regards Roberto