View Full Version : Is anyone using Fortepan 200

Kevin Kemner
4-Feb-2001, 14:01
Hello Everyone,

Has anyone out there been trying Fortepan 200. I just used up a box of 4x5, dev eloped in PMK and the results are pretty stunning. I am especially excited about the plus and minus development. The Forte rep has said that this is Kodak Supe r XX emulsion on a polyester base. The film isn't expensive so its certainly wo rth a try. I've got some 8x10 on order (for when I finish restoring my old Gund lach). Please share your experiences.


4-Feb-2001, 23:49
No experience, just questions. Do you know if 5x7 is available? And who is your supplier (assuming that you're in the U.S.). Thanks.


Guillaume Zuili
5-Feb-2001, 07:42
Hi, Fortepan 200 and Bergger BPF 200 are the same film. They come out from the same production line.