View Full Version : Kodak Brown Toner Life:confused:

9-May-2011, 15:13
A quart of working solution will tone ~ 35 prints. That's a lot of prints to tone in one session. How long will the working toner keep in a topped-off brown bottle or container before it becomes useless :confused:

Louie Powell
9-May-2011, 17:30
Toner doesn't age like developer. My experience is that it lasts until the metal content in the toner solution has been depleted.

neil poulsen
11-May-2011, 20:39
I don't tone that often. As a result, I have an 8 ounce bottle that I've used for years. Haven't had a problem.

I hope not. Last year or so, I bought a gallon of the stuff for a lifetime supply. It was something like $45 from Calumet. I think that they were clearing out their stock.