View Full Version : Fizzies!

Steve Goldstein
8-May-2011, 17:36
Today I mixed up a liter of Ansco 130 stock, a developer I've never used before, using the formula in the Darkroom Cookbook 3ed. My glycin is from PF and has been stored in the deep freeze for the two months since it arrived at my doorstep. I was surprised by the very energetic reaction when I added the glycin, it reminded me of the sugary instant-drink tablets called "Fizzies" that were advertised when I was a kid.

Is this normal for glycin?

I haven't tried the developer yet, and won't have a chance for at least a week. Just gettin' ready...

Drew Wiley
8-May-2011, 17:49
I think this is just because the powder contains a lot of air, and is a typical reaction. I've never tried it mixed with Kool-Aid.

John Kasaian
8-May-2011, 21:37
I've had this happen when mixing Ansco 130. Its kind of a happy sound, isn't it?:D