View Full Version : How Do I Unbind Easel Arm?

Richard K.
8-May-2011, 10:03
I just acquired a 20x24 Saunders 4 blade easel and one of the blades didn't track when its knob was turend. I forced it and now the knob is bound and won't even budge. I removed the blade but do not see what to adjust to get things properly going again. Your help in this matter would be joyously appropriated and appreciated! :)

Jon Shiu
8-May-2011, 10:58
It is a fairly simple mechanism with spring pressure and rollers. You can take it off the rail by pressing against the spring pressure and rotating 90 deg. on the rail. Probably just got misaligned with the rail. Well, this is from memory from a few years ago so not 100% reliable.


Richard K.
8-May-2011, 12:07
Thanks Jon. This one is really jammed; I can't turn the wheel nor can I angle it off. It won't budge against the spring at all. Not sure if the 2 wheels are to ride on the track or outside it top and bottom. Any suggestions anyone?

9-May-2011, 00:48
Hi Richard,
I had an old easel (forget which) that bound a few years ago.
Nothing i did helped until i sprayed some WD40 on it. I let it sit overnight and by the morning i was able to turn it.
I was careful when spraying and used some cardboard and tape to keep the overspray from contaminating the easels field.
I did have to clean up a bit but it worked!

Hope that helps!