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8-May-2011, 05:59
Hey guys,

About 1 month away from starting to develop my own colour (c-41) film, but there is something I'm trying to figure out.

Because of where I live, only the press kits make sense (due to restrictions on shipping chemicals by air), and I was thinking of buying the 2L (its cheaper due to shipping costs here) Tetenal (http://www.freestylephoto.biz/101241-Unicolor-Powder-C-41-Film-Negative-Processing-Kit-2-Liter?cat_id=1001) kit, but the instructions are basically for mixing the entire thing into 1 2Litre solution. I doubt I'll process more than 5 rolls of 120 in a month, so mixing so much chemistry at once would be a big waste as it would most certainly go bad before I could make use of it.

Is there a way to mix enough to produce 500ml of solution and then storing the rest of the powder until needed? I guess I could just divide the contents of each packet into 4 equal parts (how would I measure that though, is it by weight or something :) ), and then use 400ml of water?

Also, is it advisable to store powder chemicals long term?

Hope my question is clear, and thanks for the help!

Sirius Glass
8-May-2011, 06:29
While cost is not a problem for me, when I have 12 rolls of 120 C-41 film or the 4"x5" equivalent I mix the Unicolor kit and process all the film in 24 hours. The Unicolor kit states 8 rolls and the instructions state that 12 rolls can be done within three days with the appropriate caveats.


8-May-2011, 07:40
Use a digital scale. And measure out accordingly in proportions. You shouldn't have a problem. I prefer the liquid chemicals.

8-May-2011, 11:38
Thanks for the replies. How accurate of a scale would I need? The price for scales vary a lot depending on how accurate the scale is, and how long can I store powder chemicals?