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7-May-2011, 23:19
Hi, I just gotten my hands on a box of shanghai films 100 4*5. Wonder if anyone gotten the data about the film.(I tried to find online, but there isn't any reciprocity data on the film)

On long shutter, the film result is quite bad. I suspect that it could be due to film reciprocity failure. I gotten some badly underexpose photos on just 30 second exposure while it doesn't have the same problem on my FP4.

8-May-2011, 00:04
or google shanghai film reciprocity

8-May-2011, 05:00
or google shanghai film reciprocity

The site suggested using FP4 data. but when using the same long exposure setting on the 2 different film, shanghai film 100 gives me bad underexposed result.

Michael Graves
8-May-2011, 05:58
I tried Shanghai...bought two boxes. The best (halfway decent) results I got on the first box were from Rodinal 1:25 for 12 minutes at 68 degrees. The second box gave me severely overdeveloped negatives at that same time/temp, so there was never a third box. Consistency is key in this hobby (or profession for some). I'm back with Ilford again, and will most likely stay until it's gone.

8-May-2011, 07:33
I posted almost the exact same question a couple of months ago!

I followed the suggesstion on the FP4 reciprocity and found I needed to add maybe 10-20% to that number to get good exposure.

I messed around quite a bit with rodinal and shanghai and ended up with 13min 1:50 on a roller base. I think it would be around 15min with hand agitation...YMMV!

Overall I am OK with the film for the price. I dont have a ton of experience with LF film but I am on my second box of the 45 shanghai and think it is fine for the price as a film to mess around with. I would not use it on a regular basis for any photos I intend to keep or print unless I was flat broke :)

8-May-2011, 17:55
I've been using it with HC-110 (dilution B) for over a year, and always had very good, predictable results.
As to reciprocity, I'll leave that question to someone who's tried exposing it longer than one second.