View Full Version : Help with history and value of Clement et Gilmer casket set

7-May-2011, 11:25
Hi Folks,

I'm clearing out a few bits 'n pieces from the closet to try fund my new wet plate habit. So I've had this lens for a number of years and used it only occasionally but I've never seen another like it so I'm hoping it might be worth a few bucks.

The lens itself has a nice smooth aperture and easily covers half plate. It comes with four separate elements that can be combined in several different combinations. The set came in a neat little case with a red silk lined interior labeled Clement et Gilmer 8 & 10 Rue de Malte.

My first question is related to the history of the lens - from what I can determine through searching this and other forums, Clement et Gilmer purchased their lens business on Rue de malte in 1890 from Gasc & Charconnet. Gilmer left to pursue a solo business in about 1910 thus I'm estimating that this lens was made between 1890-1910. Can anyone help with this - are my dates reasonable ? any more insight into this lens ?

Secondly, any ideas what this is worth ?

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Richard Rankin
7-May-2011, 12:31
The Lens VM has the Clement & Gilmer Eagle casket set listed in 1892 in sets of either 4 or 6 lenses. I have one for half plate myself and paid around $150 for it.