View Full Version : How to fit a new shutter?

6-May-2011, 19:01
I've a Zeiss lens / Linhof shutter mounted in a size 1 lens board.

Can I use a new Copal 1 shutter by simply screwing on the lens elements or is more careful calibration required?

7-May-2011, 15:37
In general, yes. Lens elements can be moved from one shutter to the other without a problem, if they are of the same make. If there are any shims in the old shutter, make sure to move them to the new one. Set up your camera, test the old lens/shutter, change to the new shutter, and test again.


Bob Salomon
7-May-2011, 15:58
Possibly, older lenses may not have the modern standerdized threads used today. Then there is the issue of calibrating the aperture scale. A new shutter comes with blank scales. Lastly the ships in an old Compur may or may not be needed in a modern Copal.

Jim Noel
7-May-2011, 16:05
Before you make the move use a caliper to measure the distance from the front of the front element to the back of the rear element. Be sure that when re-mounted this distance is exactly the same.