View Full Version : Nice Bellows From Jim Ormond (Western Bellows)

6-May-2011, 15:23
My 4x5 Korona returned home today from Jim Ormond at Western Bellows.

He did a first rate job. This was the 20" bellows and Jim included the little loop and ring to support the supple bellows when it is fully extended. I had Jim fit the bellows in the camera in his shop where he also replaced the rear bellows frame which was needed.

Jim has provided replacement bellows for me in the past and they have also been of high quality.

Neal Chaves
7-May-2011, 07:23
I'll second that recommendation. I've installed Western bellows on an 8X10 Deardorff, 810m Toyo and two 4X5 Toyos. All have been expertly made from top quality material and some have been in use for many years without the slightest deterioration. Sometimes you still do get what you pay for.

David Karp
7-May-2011, 09:04
He did a very nice job on my WP Improved Seneca too.

7-May-2011, 12:26
I can vouch for his quality work, but his communication is less than desirable. My estimated 4-6 weeks turned into over 4 months. Many excuses and several weeks of unanswered calls and unreturned messages are why I will never request work from him again.
It's a simple act toward good customer service to call the customer and explain delays. Shit happens. I can empathize, as it happens to me at times also. If a customer is just asking for an update and has stated so on voicemail, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a call back. I shouldn't have to keep calling and expect to get lucky with an answered call one day. Searching the web will yield several posts that confirm my experience was not an isolated incident.
I will call on Turner Bellows (NY, US) or Custom Bellows (Birmingham, England) for future projects.

7-May-2011, 12:58
I received two eMail updates on the work and a notice that it had been shipped.

Richard Rankin
7-May-2011, 13:56
When I replaced my 11x14 bellows a couople of years ago, I used Custom Bellows in the UK and was very pleased with the communication, turn-around, and as much as you can be, the price. The turnaround was wayyyyyy less than Chris quoted that he waited for Western Bellows even with the overseas shipping.

I purchased a bellows already made from Sandeha Lynch in Wales, also and it is very nice, super quick shipping, and a refund when the shipping was less than the estimate. He also makes colored bellows which is kind of cool for all you avante garde artiste types... Scott (Scott --) has had him make several colored bellows for his cameras and seems very pleased with all of them.


Jim Graves
7-May-2011, 21:25
I also had good results with Jim Ormand at Western Bellows on an 8x10 bellows late last year.

I had read a couple of threads on this forum about bellows makers ... there were several comments about Jim's lack of communication and tardy delivery ... the most oft-quoted time frame was 2 weeks promised but 6 weeks for delivery ... but everyone said he did good work at a reasonable price. I thought it was worth it to support a local craftsman.

He quoted me a very fair price and promised delivery in 2 weeks. So I ordered them, sent off the old bellows, and decided I would wait without comment. Six weeks later I got an email saying the bellows had shipped ... they arrived 2 days later ... very nice bellows and a perfect fit ... and I saved myself the stomach acid of worrying about the late delivery.