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Terry Hull
6-May-2011, 04:22
I am trying 5X7 for the first time, and find the first box of 5X7 film perplexing. Of the first four sheets of film, one seems to have the 3 roughly semicircular notches I am familiar with from 4X5, the next two sheets had one triangular notch. Is it possible some ASA 400 was mixed in?

6-May-2011, 09:09
The 5x7 FP4 notch code is different than the 4x5 FP4 notch code- at least it is between my two boxes of it. I wonder if at some point they decided to make all FP4 have the same notch codes and you get a box with a mix of old and new codes?

Drew Wiley
6-May-2011, 09:25
Wierd. Maybe they cut the sheets down from 8X10 and then notched the blank half
with a different machine???

Steve Goldstein
6-May-2011, 09:29
Try asking over on APUG. Simon R. Galley from Ilford is a member there and is pretty good about replying to questions.

Terry Hull
6-May-2011, 09:30
I have now inventoried the complete box of new film I bought mail order from B&H-and done the research.
22 sheets of FP4
2 sheets of what appears to be Fomapan 200 (single triangle notch)
1 sheet with no notch

Go figure!

Gem Singer
6-May-2011, 10:37
If the box of FP4+ was purchased new and sealed at the factory before it was shipped, more than likely, all of the sheets are Ilford FP-4+ film that was improperly notched.

Ilford doesn't make Fomapan.

Terry Hull
6-May-2011, 12:03
Yes I know Ilford doesn't make Fomapan, was simply relating it to the notch.

Terry Hull
6-May-2011, 12:15
To finish this it is not a common occurence?

Gem Singer
6-May-2011, 13:12
Been using Ilford FP-4+ and HP-5+ for more than 25 years. Never experienced improperly notched film.

FYI, 4x5 Bergger BPF 200 film also used a single V notch.