View Full Version : Will this lens work with a Wista 45VX 4X5 large format camera?

5-May-2011, 22:45
Could someone please look at the attached photos and tell me if this lens will work just as it is shown in the photos ( lens board and all ) with the Wista 45VX 4X5 large format camera?

thanks so much in advance,





Lachlan 717
5-May-2011, 23:16
Very nice (albeit wide) lens for 4x5, Ken!

This lens will work on the Wista; however, you will need a new lens board to do so. And, being such a short lens, you might need to go for a recessed board to allow a larger movement range.

You'll need a Copal 0 Linhof/Wista/Technika board.

6-May-2011, 00:25
Hey I really appreciate the reply and the helpful suggestion about the board. What kind of value would you place on this lens by chance as it is with the board?

1. What would the lens alone be worth without the board?
2. What would the lens board alone be worth?
3. What do you think this lens was used on previously as it is and did the board it is on hinder it by chance since you said it may need to be on a recessed board or did you suggest that because of the way the Wista camera is made?

Any insight into this you might give I'd be very grateful and thanks again!


Lachlan 717
6-May-2011, 00:41
Don't know about the lens; however, it is a "select" lens (i.e. it was chosen by Sinar, a well regarded company, as being one of the best performing lenses from the range produced). Search for these lenses if you need more information on select lenses.

The lens board is worth US$10-$50, depending on condition and need in the Sinar community.

This was probably used on either a Sinar or a Horseman studio camera. All have much larger bellows than the Wista, making movements easier. The Wista is primarily a field camera, rather than a studio camera, so it was designed with minimal weight/volume in mind.

The only easily-available traditional field camera that this lens will fit is the Shen Hao XPO. It will fit the lighter-weight Sinar rail cameras for field use as well.

6-May-2011, 00:52
Well thanks again. As before I certainly appreciate your insights. If someone told you they'd sell this lens for $500 would you think $500 usd to be a low, fair, or high price for the lens and board?

6-May-2011, 00:57

Lenses like this one (a Sinar badged granfagon) sell fairly infrequently, I'd pay $300 maybe $400 for one, as it happens I picked up a similar age 75mm f8 Super Angulon for about $180

You'd probably get $40 - $60 possibly a touch more for the Sinar board as it's the newer black variety and looks in good condition..

The lens was used on a Sinar monorail camera previously and it may not have needed a recessed board.

I use a recessed board for a 65mm Super Angulon on my Wista 45 DX but not with my 75mm which I've also used on a Crown graphic, a recessed board might help though.

However the Wista 45VX is different, it's more of a Technical camera than the 45DX which is a field camera, Bob Salomon is the Wista importer for the US and would be able to give the best advice, he may spot this post.

Recessed boards are quite easy to find the cheapest being the Chinese version.


6-May-2011, 00:59
Ian, hey thanks for your insights and explanations as well. It's a great help to me. This forum is always fantastic.

Lachlan 717
6-May-2011, 01:55
Well thanks again. As before I certainly appreciate your insights. If someone told you they'd sell this lens for $500 would you think $500 usd to be a low, fair, or high price for the lens and board?


This is a difficult question.

In my opinion, it comes down to how cashed up you are. Compared to, say, a Schneider 72mm SAXL, $500 for this lens is a bargain. Compared to a beaten up Schneider 75mm, this is expensive.

But, consider this: buy good glass today and you won't need to replace it again.

Make no mistake - in mint condition, this is an awesome lens. Unless you intend to shoot test sheets, this lens will perform well.

Can you afford $500? If so, you won't be sorry!

Robert Ley
6-May-2011, 05:37
I have a Wista VX and use a 75mm f:5.6 Schneider lens on a recessed lens board. It has a very similar IC of about 195mm so it will allow very modest movements on 4x5. With a recessed board (only way you can focus at infinity) you can get modest movements with the standard bellows. I have a bag bellows for my Wista and this allows me to use all the IC this lens has to offer. I don't really use this lens very often as it is just a little wide for my vision. I think that $500 for this lens might be just slightly high depending on the condition, but that is just a guess.
What are your plans for this lens? What other lenses do you have?

Noah A
6-May-2011, 05:47
Can't speak for the lens per se, but I'd recommend a recessed board for a 75mm lens on a Wista VX.

The lens will probably focus on a flat wista board, but movements will be tough. I used an 80mm on my VX and got a generic Chinese recessed board from Ebay that worked great.