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5-May-2011, 05:37
Hello everyone,

I have the opportunity to buy a Sinar F 5x4 and wondered if it was possible to change to an 8x10?

I also have to opportunity to buy a Sinar P which I understand can 'easily' be changed to an 8x10, but the Sinar F is cheaper and comes with some extras.

This would be my first LF kit and see 8x10 portaits in the future.

Thank you for any advice and sorry if this question has already been asked!!


Jerry Flynn
5-May-2011, 07:28
The Sinar system is modular - meaning almost all parts fit all models. There are some exceptions, but in answer to your question, yes, you can change a 4X5 f to an 8X10.

There are two options:
1) Find a used f 8X10 rear standard. This is the whole works - frame and rail unit combined
2) Find an 8X10 P or P2 standard bearer and 8X10 format frame.

In either case you will need the groundglass assembly and an 8X10 bellows. For the 8X10 f version, you need a standard Sinar 8X10 bellows. If you go th P or P2 route, there are two different bellows sizes - standard and meter back (which is larger). Which bellows to use depends on which format frame you get.

The 8X10 f version would be the cheaper route, if you can find one. They do show up on eBay from time to time, but usually as complete cameras. Buy the whole thing and use what parts you want.

FWIW, I found that unless you have the "special" 8X10 f front assembly with its longer rods, you have next to no front rise. In addition neither Sinar 8X10 back has much rear fall - about 3/16" or so. Therefore you wind up using the offset method (point the camera upwards, bring both standards to level) to get any front rise worth discussing.
Not that big a deal for portraits, though.
Good luck!

5-May-2011, 09:28
Hello Jerry,

Thank you for a wonderfully comprehensive answer!

I'm going to go with the F camera.

Thanks again!!