View Full Version : Adjusting Contrast for FP4 with DR5

4-May-2011, 14:34
Hello all,
I have a lot of epxerience using 120 Pan F in the DR5 process, but I've never done sheet film with them, preferring to first get comfortable with the Zone System as described in "The Negative" using tradional developing, for which I didn't see a need to send my film all the way to Denver.
Now I find myself headed out West, and the allure of sending my film just around the corner is simply to strong. Yes I understand DR5 does traditional neg development, but I REALLY want to send them some of my 4x5 stuff, but don't have the time to properly test and DON'T want to have to rely on the scanning stage to place the tones where I want them.
Its seems rather than push/pull in DR5 the best method is to shoot at different ISO to contract/expand contrast. I'm a very experienced slide shooter, and have no issue exposing for positive instead of negative as they recommend, but what I lack is a starting point.
In short I'm asking if anyone here has experience using FP4 in DR5. What is the lattitude of the film at the recomended ISO (100) How much is expanded if you shoot at 80 or compressed if you shoot at 125?
Any information would be helpful, as I'm happy to make SOME corrections at the scan, I just want to be in the ballpark to start.

4-May-2011, 14:43
Why don't you contact Dave Wood direct, he knows his own DR5 process better than anyone else and is knowledgeable.