View Full Version : Voightlander Heliar -Whats all the Fuss??

richard w
13-Jan-1999, 08:12
I asked a lens guru friend of mine about getting a "character Lens" to shoot edi torial type portraits. He mentioned a Voightlander Heliar (uncoated). He said it was a sharp lens but they used it for portraits. I found one from a portrait photographer and he said it was soft. I bought it for $300.00, and I love it. It seems sharp ( I just started shooting 8x10 so "sharp" is relative) It is flat meaning very little contrast- so that is why it might be considered soft. I shoot only B&W with filters to increase contrast. I see this lens with high p rice stickers $800-1200. Anyone know this lens ? Whats all the fuss ??? Does anyone have a "character" lens that they like?

sheldon hambrick
13-Jan-1999, 13:31
Thanks for asking this Richard. I was wondering the exact same thing.

Bob Salomon
16-Jan-1999, 19:08
We still sell the Rodenstock Imagon.