View Full Version : Impossible Polaroid film

3-May-2011, 08:32
I was in Service Photo in Baltimore yesterday, and they have Impossible instant pack film for sale, ASA 600, for the Polaroid 600 camera.

I've heard mention of the company before, but generally negative comments, and some questioned whether they were even still in business.

Anybody have any current information, particularly as regards any 4"x5" instant film in the pipeline?


- Leigh

Ben Syverson
3-May-2011, 08:55
4x5 is not in the cards... The machines have been destroyed. There is, however, a guy working on the "New55 Project" (http://new55project.blogspot.com/) which aims to recreate the Type 55 process.

The Impossible Project did take delivery of an 8x10 pod machine, and have announced their intention to produce 8x10 instant materials... However, for the moment they're 100% focused on integral film. I wouldn't expect 8x10 for another year or so...