View Full Version : Have you heard of the Penta 45f?

2-May-2011, 18:19
I currently looking for a large format camera and I came across this camera on the e-site link as below
Do any of you know any information about this camera such as movements, weight, etc. The only thing I know is that this is a clone of Wista 45
Best Regards

2-May-2011, 18:35
I've heard good things about it, solid, and a decent, less expensive substitute for the Wista.
It has most of the same movements and parts (Wista/Penta) are interchangeable.
They usually go for about $450 at auction
If you buy it, and for some strange reason, decide you don't want the folding hood, please let me know; I'll buy it.
I've been trying to find one for a dog's age.
Good luck with the auction :)

2-May-2011, 19:34
Hi, thanks for you reply. From what you say I assume they use wista/linhof lensboards and bellow etc in case I need to change.
Please if anyone here have one or have used it before give some thought.
Thanks so much