View Full Version : Uncommonly strange lens names

2-May-2011, 18:16
I thought there used to be a post of ultra rare lens names, but cannot find it. I just found one:

RAPID RECTALINEAR - A lens that has it's head far up it's a**. For sale: 380335973253


Velveetar - The front element of a Velostigmat matched to the rear of an Ektar. Used for taking cheeze pictures for gourmet magazines....

2-May-2011, 19:35
Didn't Mark Sawyer just post about his Velosi-Raptar?

2-May-2011, 19:36
Hmmm, I notice the seller is Pacific Rim Camera. :eek:

Dan Fromm
3-May-2011, 02:54
Wrangulon -- specially designed for photographing disputes

Biogong -- The 'dinner is served' lens

3-May-2011, 03:48
Strangulon: lens you absolutely must have but wife won't let you buy… so you creep up behind her, grab her by the neck…

Struan Gray
3-May-2011, 05:27
Bartar : a lens for swapping

3-May-2011, 05:54
Berito, in case you get hungry.


Dan Fromm
3-May-2011, 06:19
Hangulon -- for executions

MIke Sherck
3-May-2011, 08:23
There was a New York shop which used to list all sorts of old lenses in their magazine adds; "Lens & Repro", something like that. I used to read their adds just for the lovely names...


Mark Sawyer
3-May-2011, 08:25
Hmmm... this reminds me, I need to play with my old Iwswgon this summer... :)

4-May-2011, 03:36
Carl Zeiss' Topogon ;)


Ben Calwell
4-May-2011, 05:45
The shytagon, a lens for those of us who hate setting up the view camera in public places and drawing attention to ourselves.

4-May-2011, 14:13
Beenangon, to be used when your subject arrived early, got tired of waiting for you, and left.

4-May-2011, 14:28
Wrangulon -- specially designed for photographing disputes

Or cattle drives. :)

Jack Dahlgren
4-May-2011, 15:35
Super Simmar XL for keeping your photography on a low boil

4-May-2011, 20:39
My all time favorite: the Pink Dot Areola-Ekstra


Dan Fromm
5-May-2011, 04:51
Topar. Its a hat! No! Its a lens!