View Full Version : super angulon 58mm XL and centerfilter

andrea milano
21-Jan-2001, 18:30
Dear friends and contributors, I've just bought myself another nice toy! A cambowide with a 58mmXL (great camer a, believe me!), the lens came with a centerfilter and I wonder , since I've nev er used a centerfilter on my 75mm before, how much do you actually have to conpe nsate for the filter, I thought it was 1 and 1/2 stop but a few polaroids proved that I actually could get the perfect exposure with 1/2 stop compensation. It m ight very well be that my meter went nuts but can anyone clarify this. oh! Just another little thought, any advice on the optical viewfinder? I mean should I bu y a Cambo or can I save a little money doing otherwise (adaptations and alternat ive welcome!) Thanks.

22-Jan-2001, 00:16
Contrary to you I decided to quit(watch for deals at ebay) since I found anything requiring tripod hardly gets any use. My next toy may be Fuji rangefinder. If anyone want cheap centerfilter, go to Adorama they have Hoya CF(2 stop) for sale, cost much less!

Howard Slavitt
22-Jan-2001, 10:32
I regularly use the 58 mm with centerfilter and a 1 1/2 exposure compensation and get good exposures with this method.

andrea milano
22-Jan-2001, 13:48
Thanks! I do not see the difference between a handheld Cmbowide and a handheld Linhof 6x18 in use, you don't necessarely need a tripod for both of them, I am still iterested in comments concerning The Cambo or Silvestri viewfinder or any other alternative.

andrea milano
22-Jan-2001, 13:50
Sorry it was a fuji rangefinder! OOOPS!

22-Jan-2001, 18:59
Hello Andrea-I have a cambo wide with 47mmXL lens and I know its a great camera mainly because you can estimate the focus. In regards to centre filter I compensate 2 stops which slows me up considerably. About viewfinder, voigtlander Bessa L? have got a new 12mm lens (35mm camera)with viewfinder. I am thinking of buying the viewfinder and slot it in my cambo body. I think it will work quite nicely because my 47mm lens (4x5) is equal to 12mm lens in 35 mm camera. Obviously, 4x5 and 35mm horizontal and vertical ratio aren't identical but it is close enough. For your lens, this viewfinder will see more.

andrea milano
23-Jan-2001, 02:45
Yes , indeed, I thought that I could use te finder for the 15mm heliar, any advice on that? Thanks