View Full Version : Light Leak or Dev Issue?

30-Apr-2011, 12:05
I've just started using a new to me Meridian 45B Camera and in some of my first tests, I've been getting some strange marks on my negatives. I'm shooting expired FP4 and developing in Pyrocat-HD in a Peterson Orbital. I've got 7 different film holders and haven't been good about marking which shot was taken with which holder. Can you look at this image and let me know if it's a light leak or something else? The shape and placement have me second guessing.

Brian C. Miller
30-Apr-2011, 13:02
That looks like some sort of development issue.

If it was a light leak, then the print would show it as something white, i.e., an increase of density on the negative.

What you have is a decrease of density, and in a cloud-like formation. Therefore, it is something to do with development.

Gem Singer
30-Apr-2011, 15:30
Doesn't look like a light leak.

Looks like two sheets of film were in contact during processing.

Try soaking the negative in water for a few minutes, then re-fix it in fresh fixer and re-wash it.

If it's due to incomplete fixing, the problem should correct itself.

If it's due to incomplete development, and doesn't clear up, chalk it up to experience.