View Full Version : Lotus Cameras?

tim atherton
24-Mar-2001, 21:26
Does anyone know where Lotus' website is these days? The old one doesn't seem to work.

Tim A

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
24-Mar-2001, 21:47

Worked for me.

Doremus Scudder
25-Mar-2001, 10:36
I just ordered some stuff from them by e-mail a couple of days ago and got an e-mail confirmation the next day. They are alive and well at the above URL. E-mail is: viewcamera@weisserlotus.co.at. They have been great for me, living in Austria as I do for the majority of the year. I can recommend them unreservedly. Regards, ;^D)

Alejandro Lopez de Haro
1-Apr-2001, 16:28
I own a an 8x10 and 12x20 cameras with a reducing 8x20 frame. I can honestly say that Lotus View Camera is perhaps one of the best Wood Large Format Camera right now.

They also are supplier of the Bergger papers and films, along with alternative photographic products, such as Pyro, etc.


Jack Rosa
22-Sep-2001, 21:57

Any input re: Lotus 8x10 will be appreciated. I am in the process of making final decision on an 8x10 field camera and the Lotus 8x10 is at the top ofd the list.

Thanks in advance. Please sent me an e-mail