View Full Version : Bausch & Lomb/Zeiss lens focal length?

29-Apr-2011, 17:10
I am in the process of mounting a Zeiss/Bausch & Lomb lens salvaged from a Kodak Model 3A Special. The lens is in near perfect condition. It has all the normal information on the lens but the focal length in mm. Instead it reads, "No. 4". The 3A shot 3.5x5.5 inch roll film so I assume it is somewhere around a 135mm or so. Can anyone shed some light on this system? I have searched online but cannot seem to find the answer. Thanks,

Floyd Waller
29-Apr-2011, 19:10
Typical lenses for many of those cameras were more like 170mm. I , myself, have a very good 170mm f6.3 Kodak anastigmat from one of those.

Floyd Waller
29-Apr-2011, 19:20
Collectors Guide to Kodak Cameras states 6 and 3/4 inch focal length as standard for the camera which would round off to 170mm(171.45).

Floyd Waller
29-Apr-2011, 19:23
That would also be a normal focal length for the format.

29-Apr-2011, 19:26
Thank you very much for the replies. Much appreciated.