View Full Version : Anyone try the new Toyo 45CX yet?

Ray Negus
12-Jan-1999, 21:43
Has anyone had a chance to fiddle with the new Toyo 45CX? I am thinking of gett ing either this camera or the Calumet Cadet and wonder how they differ. I like that the Toyo has interchangeable parts, but is it as rigid as the Cadet?

Stuart Goldstein
13-Jan-1999, 09:33
If you haven't looked at both cameras, do so before you buy.

Also, check the threads in this discussion because many people have discussed the cadet. Also check out the LF homepage for their review and a bunch of comments.

brian jefferis
14-Jan-1999, 14:16
I recently purchased a Toyo 45CX. Though only having it a short while I can tell you the Toyo 45CX is a very sturdy camera (amazing for this price range!) The swing/tilt fuctions are a little stiff but this does not seem to cause a problem. One compromise is the back which I'm sure Toyo did to keep costs down. It's a standard reversible back but is very easy to get used to. As far as interchangeble parts go, I wouldn't base my decision to much on that because to do a format change especially from 4x5 to 8x10 is rediculously expensive. (somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500!!) I feel that the interchangeablity is a nice option to have though. I have no experience with a Cadet but all in all I feel the Toyo45CX is well made and can most likely withstand a ton of use.