View Full Version : Tele-Arton 5.5/360mm lens

27-Apr-2011, 15:40
How do I find out the size of the inside end of the lens? I need a rear lens cap for it. Also who sells them.


27-Apr-2011, 19:18
I have one---the rear is 60mm----I"m lucky and had a cap laying around...I got a front cap (100 I believe) from keh---they have all kinds of caps----the rear, though, cannot take the type that grip from the inside---there's no room--you must have an external cap---

Before I found the plastic one, I was using a heinz gravy metal lid---has a plastic seal on the inside that grips and does not scratch..perfect size---and metal--in fact, I keep that with the lens just in case...but it's very snug right from the jar--you have to carefully prune away some of the plastic seal to get a little extra diameter so it goes all the way on...I found the other cap first so I never did that part...it did fit though...offered cover when the lens was face down on the large front element

29-Apr-2011, 05:16
Thanks Johnielvis. I'll me getting one from Keh.