View Full Version : Shen Hao at the PMA in Orlando

andrea milano
11-Jan-2001, 06:56
Dear Friends, perhaps some of you woul remember an entry to the forum about the new Shen Hao c amera which I was about to import, there seemed to be much confusion on these ca meras which not many people had ever seen because they appeared to the public, i n their present form, for the first time, at the Fotokina 2000, infact, I had se en them and a few european collegues seemd to apreciate them as much as I did an d some have been already buying cameras from the first lot which I've imported. Now , the Shen Hao Seagull factory will be at the PMA between February the 11th until the 14th at stand #1027, could you just have a look and share with me your impressions? I am sure you will be interested in this upcoming camera which isn't perfect yet but which one day will be the best alternative to many cameras in its class. Regards

Pete Andrews
11-Jan-2001, 07:48
Never heard of it, and the PMA is a long walk from the UK.Is this another MF TLR from Seagull?

andrea milano
11-Jan-2001, 11:50
No, the Shen Hao factory belongs to the Seagull group but they produce quite different cameras than the 35mm seagulls and TLR. Their sole production is the one of field(4"x5" an 8"x10") and Atelier Cameras (10"x12") and a number of lenses and accessories for these cameras. The had, in the past, produced a camera in 4"x5" and 8"x10" under the brand name ISTOn but it was not even close to their modern field cameras. The most import characteristis of these camera are the extended movements wich are by far superior to those of cameras in the same class. They produce different models(Their pricelist lists 8 of them)

Pete Andrews
11-Jan-2001, 12:25
Thanks Andrea. I have heard of Iston. Can I get a brochure somewhere?

andrea milano
11-Jan-2001, 17:20
You can have a look at http://www.camerachina.com they have all carachterists and specifications. If enquiring, you might want to quote my name, I have a few of their cameras in my possession and I am selling them , so, if you are or anybody else is interested....... I am in any case very curious to know the opinion of the American contributors and all those who will visit the PMA, touching and feeling a camera isn't quite the same than studying a brochure.