View Full Version : New Kodak Portra 400 4x5 availability?

27-Apr-2011, 13:52
I normally shoot E100G but I have been wanted a faster iso, so I was thinking about getting some color neg. I know that kodak went through some changes with it's Portra films. Does any one know if the Portra 400 is still available in 4x5?

Richard Wasserman
27-Apr-2011, 14:00
I just today received an order from Badger Graphics of the new Portra 400 in 4x5. They and the other usual suspects have it in stock as far as I know.

Noah A
27-Apr-2011, 14:36
Yes, the new Portra 400 and very new Portra 160 are both offered in 4x5 and 8x10. Alas, in 10-sheet boxes only.

As for availability, It's out there, but you may have to look a bit.

I've ordered from Freestyle and Unique Photo. And my local Calumet store seems to get it two boxes at a time. Every time I go in there, I buy the two boxes they have in stock...it's become a running joke. But it helped me stock up for my last trip and, since availability is still tight, I've started stockpiling for my next trip.

It's worth it, by the way. It's a great film. Hopefully stock will become more available over the coming months. B&H is my normal supplier but they seem to be getting rid of every last box of the old NC and VC emulsions before stocking the new stuff.

27-Apr-2011, 14:45
Google kodak portra 400 in 4x5

JC Kuba
27-Apr-2011, 16:53
It's interesting that B&H Photo started listing the new Kodak Portra 160 for 5x7 in 50 sht boxes.

Struan Gray
28-Apr-2011, 00:24
I've just been shopping for Portra 160. The new 400 is much easier to find in stock.

It's an old story, but .... 10 sheets of Portra:

USA: $24
DE: €30 -> $44
UK: 30 -> $50
SE: SEK490 -> $80

Yeah, yeah, I'm a stingy old git.

Who loves to moan.

28-Apr-2011, 00:56
Just finished my first box of 5x4. Looking at the results it's one of those moments photography technology rarely gives you (I used to be a press photographer and the first few rolls of Fuji Super G800 was one of those moments,) the results are nothing short of fantastic :)

28-Apr-2011, 07:06
Thanks for the quick response guys, Webb Cam in Philly had it or at least they said it was the new 400 and not the old. I guess I'll see when I head over there a little later.

Noah A
28-Apr-2011, 07:09
I didn't recognize your screen name...

Just so you know, I did stop in at Calumet to buy some paper the other day and they had at least one box in stock. I didn't buy it this time...so perhaps it will still be there.

29-Apr-2011, 05:55
All good, John had it at Webbcam

Noah A
1-Jun-2011, 04:33
For those who are interested, B&H has started to stock the new portra films in 4x5. Finally!

They had the 160 in stock but alas it's now sold out. But they seem to have quite a bit of the 400 on hand.

12-Oct-2011, 11:36
Reviving this thread - I'm on a search for the new Portra 400 4x5. Everyone is out of stock it seems.

Michael Cienfuegos
12-Oct-2011, 21:06
Freestyle has it in stock.

12-Oct-2011, 21:46
Google has it too.

13-Oct-2011, 13:02
Google has it too.

A lot of places show it in stock, but actually do not have the film. Hence, asking here.

18-Oct-2011, 01:53
Badger seem to have it in stock

18-Oct-2011, 04:40
It's good stuff!


18-Oct-2011, 05:05
I just got 5 boxes of it from B&H, so AFAIK their "In Stock" is real.