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27-Apr-2011, 05:38
So I have a recently purchased here on LFF nikon 450mm M. The preview lever opens the shutter blades quickly, but they close very slowly, barely making it at times. Everthing else works well. Should I be concerned. Seller described it as mint although it has obvious cosmetic wear.

neil poulsen
27-Apr-2011, 06:08
I would say that this is a problem. So, you're out in the field, you've just focused your image and "released" the preview lever. You insert the film holder and remove the slide.

Aaaa, oops.

It sounds like this lens is not mint, neither in it's appearance nor in it's function. How much did you pay for it? If it's too much, I'd ask to return it or ask for a sufficient reduction in price to have it serviced. Without having looked at it, a CLA (clean, lube, adjust) will probably do the job. Have you checked the glass for scratches? Check the coating for blemishes by holding it up to a light and seeing how the light reflects off the surface.

The 450M Nikon lenses go on sale often enough. If you returned it, another would become available.

27-Apr-2011, 08:00
Everthing else works well. Should I be concerned.

Perhaps yes, and perhaps no. I have a well functioning and "mint condition" Copal shutters that exhibit similar symptoms if the preview lever is slowly pushed into the closed position. Other than that it works 100% of the time and is completely accurate. So I push the lever open and closed in a manner that ensures that it both opens and closes. Are you slowly pushing the preview lever?

Henry Paine Camera Repair
27-Apr-2011, 10:03
That is a sure sign the shutter needs a CLA, because of the aging of the original lubricant.

27-Apr-2011, 10:10
Thanks Brian Shaw, When I flick the lever back with a little finesse, it seems to work fine. It never occurred to me it could be that simple. Maybe I'm simple. There are some fine scratches on the shutter and mint glass. I would not call it mint, but it's it's not an issue to me just a technical thing. If I had paid alot more than 550$ I would be upset.

27-Apr-2011, 11:13
Should I be concerned.

The shutter needs a CLA. That should cure the problem for years to come.

I just tried a couple of Nikon Copal 3 shutters here, and the blades close "instantly" regardless of how I release the preview lever.

- Leigh