View Full Version : LF Stores in LA

Cal Eng
14-Mar-2001, 00:18
I have a Linhof Master that I would like to sell and was wondering if anyone kno ws of a shop in LA that might want to buy it? Thanks, Cal.

14-Mar-2001, 00:29
Put it on eBay. There are thousands of folks their willing to overpay.

Andre Noble
14-Mar-2001, 01:47
Check the LA times classifieds under "Camera Equipment" for the next camera expo held on Sundays either in Buena Park, Pasadena, etc. There you'll find the largest collection of knowledgeable dealers and individual buyers who will court you and pay cash if you walk around and flash your shinny Linhof Master. Dress nicely. (You'll get noticeably more for your used gear at such expos than you'll get by bringing it into Samy's, Bel-Air Camera, Freestyle - ie, those LA stores will only make you feel like a desperate theif trying to unload hot gear).

Andre Noble
14-Mar-2001, 01:51
PS: Cal, the camera does belong to you, right? :>) Andre

Richard S. Ross
14-Mar-2001, 14:04
If you don't want to sell it on ebay, which would probably get you the best price, both Samy's location have good pro departments that specialize in LF. I would call either of them and discuss it. They are a Linhof dealer as well so will know your equipment. I don't believe they take equipment on consignment.

Samy's on Fairfax : 323 938-2420 Samy's on Venice : 310 450-4551

Another good pro shop is Mel Pierce, but they don't deal in as much LF as Samy's. Bel-Air is a much more consumer oriented store, I try to avoid it.

Cal Eng
14-Mar-2001, 18:31
Thanks for the answers. I'll try to sell it on EBay. And yes it's mine, not "hot".