View Full Version : Lecom or Sinar?

26-Apr-2011, 06:56
I'm a newbie, so I was looking for a camera with decent bellow extension and I found a lecom that supposedly fits sinar a1 parts. Has anyone heard of this? I searched for Lecom online and have not really found anything about it...it was only $150 bucks, and the bellows are in great condition, but I was just curious if it is a camera I should stay away from.

26-Apr-2011, 13:38
Has anyone heard of Lecom at all?

Steven Tribe
26-Apr-2011, 14:11
All I know is that that it was described as
"Swiss made Lecom, looks exactly like a Sinar Alpina"
by someone in the US who is a (the) well known Sinar dealer and has an extensive website with items for sale.

Joshua Dunn
26-Apr-2011, 17:53
Just buy a Sinar. They are plentiful, reasonably priced (sometimes you can still find amazing deals) and infinitely versatile.

Instead of Googling Lecom try Googling Sinar.