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David Nash
9-Jan-2001, 11:34
At last, I've bought a 10x8" back for my Arca. However, there's obviously going to be a lot more expense. I've just been quoted some prices for a Jobo CPP-2 p rocessor - #995 ($1500), lift #175 ($260). Expert Drum #300 ($450). The only th ing that's reasonably priced is the 'footpump' for opening the Expert Drum - a s nip at #20 ($30).

I suppose I could try to find a secondhand unit, but I've heard bad reports abou t reliability, and I've never been happy about the build quality of my own CPE2.

Which leads me to my question. Has anyone managed to successfully develop 10x8" film in a CPE2, maybe by modifying the lift or something?

I've got used to processing with a Jobo, and I find them quite convenient. I do n't have a darkroom, so I couldn't easily use trays or open tanks. Or is there another way?

David Nash

John Hicks
9-Jan-2001, 14:57
I develop 8x10 b&w in Unicolor print drums on the Uniroller; the Unicolor drums work ok because they have internal ribs that let solutions get around to the bac kside of the film and remove antihalation dyes etc. Smooth-wall drums such as th e Jobo print drums cause mottling.

The Unicolor drums of course don't have any provision for temperature control, which isn't a problem for me, but I wouldn't want to try to run E-6 or C-41 in them.

Pete Caluori
10-Jan-2001, 12:14
Hi David,

Yes the expert series JOBO tanks are expensive, but I swear by them. While you can't use them on your CPE, I've used them to process E-6, C-41, as well as B&W in both 4x5 & 8x10 with wonderful results. Depending on the amount of film you process a year, upgrading to a larger JOBO may be justified. If you're just doing B&W some of the other drums work well, but may not hold the temperatures close enough for accurate color work. You may be able to find used JOBO drums at a fraction of the new drum prices, but you have to keep searching. JOBO drums can be used off the processor similar to the Unicolor, but with the 4x5 & 8x10 drums, rotation direction must be changed for even processing.


Regards, Pete

Doug McFarland
10-Jan-2001, 22:07
I haven't done 8x10, but I've successfully processed B&W 5x7 film in my CPE2. I had been using the 4x5 tank and loader system before I went up to 5x7 ? so did some experimentation with this larger format.

I just did a quick check with a piece of 8x10 paper and I believe you can do it (although this would be experimental).

I use a 1520 tank with a 1530 extension tube. This will give you enough length to wrap the film around the tube (BTZS style) emulsion side in. Remember, these tanks do not have a full light trap, so you have to load the film and attach the tank to the processor in the dark. Once the tank is on the processor it should be light tight, if you are a cautious person then process in subdued light. I?ve not seen any fogging on 5x7 sheets once in the processor with full lights on.

Anyhow - it might be worth a try.

Good luck ?