View Full Version : Schneider 90mm SA 6.8 MC "Classic"

25-Apr-2011, 01:51
Any opinions on this lens? Supposedly it has an image circle of 216mm at f/22, which should suit my needs. I guess I am just a bit worried that the "classic" designation (and the appearance of the lens) suggests a somehwat gimmicky lens in some way, but maybe that is just my ignorance playing in. The reason I am asking is that someone has a used one for sale at a very good price here in Denmark.

Lynn Jones
26-Apr-2011, 12:34
They cover 85 degrees at f22 at infinity.


26-Apr-2011, 17:13
They cover 85 degrees at f22 at infinity.


I believe that Lynn is thinking of the older Schneider Angulons, which were discontinued circa 1970, not the fully modern 90/6.8 Super Angulon Classic which, per Schneider, (https://www.schneideroptics.com/ecommerce/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?CID=201&IID=2068) covers 100 degrees when stopped down. I have no experience with the "Classic", but would not infer anything negative from the name.

I would consider any reasonably new, modern 90 from any of the big four, Schneider, Rodenstock, Nikon or Fuji, with the discriminators being price, coverage, size, weight, filter size, aperture and experience with the brand.