View Full Version : If you could have just ONE lens for your 8x10....

24-Apr-2011, 18:05

24-Apr-2011, 18:25
I like my Nikkor-W 360/6.5.

It's heavy enough to keep the camera from blowing away.

- Leigh

Ted Stoddard
24-Apr-2011, 18:28
"Cooke Series XVa Triple Convertible Lens"

Kimberly Anderson
24-Apr-2011, 18:39
90-480 f/9 G-Claron Zoom.

William Whitaker
24-Apr-2011, 18:39
14" Commercial Ektar. Versatile, lovely wide-open and a sync shutter.

Walter Calahan
24-Apr-2011, 18:40
My Cooke XVa.

Frank Petronio
24-Apr-2011, 19:03
300/5.6 Xenar in #3 slightly more than a 14" Ektar in #5 because the Xenar is faster and the shutter has higher speeds. Both are smooth and sharp.

Oren Grad
24-Apr-2011, 19:12
270mm Apo-Sironar-S. The only problem is that it doesn't exist. :(

270 is my favorite focal length for 8x10 - I tend to see semi-wide - and the way that the Apo-Sironar-S draws is my favorite optical flavor among modern plasmats.

24-Apr-2011, 19:42
Fujinon 210mm (80 degree)

Bob McCarthy
24-Apr-2011, 19:46
355mm G-Claron

Brian Vuillemenot
24-Apr-2011, 19:49
300 Apo Sironar S

24-Apr-2011, 19:52
I have been quite pleased with my Fuji W 300. I'd keep it.

Craig Tuffin
24-Apr-2011, 22:44
18" Cooke Soft Focus Portrait....just perfect! A heavy beast of a lens but the sharpness and highlights on wet-plate are gorgeous.

Ole Tjugen
25-Apr-2011, 03:09
240/420 Symmar convertible. That was easy! :)

Doug Howk
25-Apr-2011, 03:29
For my KMV field camera I use a 19" Artar in Universal Shutter. For my Grover in studio I use a 305mm Nikkor; but would prefer a faster lens such as my 14" Velostigmat. Unfortunately, its shutter doesn't work and repair quote too high.

Bruce Barlow
25-Apr-2011, 03:33
355 G-Claron, although my 19" Apo-Artar is tempting...

Mark Sawyer
25-Apr-2011, 10:34
"If you could have just ONE lens for your 8x10..."

...I'd shoot myself.

25-Apr-2011, 11:25
No lens at all, but a pinhole which does all FL.

OK, maybe an eidoscope #2 and the rest would be pinhole photography.

Sal Santamaura
25-Apr-2011, 11:51
...270 is my favorite focal length for 8x10...Mine too. That's why my answer is 270mm G-Claron.

William McEwen
25-Apr-2011, 11:52
Schnedier G Claron 355mm. It's makes people appear on film just the way my eyes see them in real life.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
25-Apr-2011, 11:58
When I travel with 8x10 I take only my 240mm Sironar-S.

J Ney
25-Apr-2011, 13:44
Fujinon-A 240mm... without question.

John Bowen
25-Apr-2011, 14:02
Nikon 450-M. It practically lives on my camera as it is.

25-Apr-2011, 21:48
so far i like my 19" dagor goerz, as it is warm and fuzzy, thou that could be my focusing...

John Kasaian
25-Apr-2011, 22:14
Either the 14" Commercial Ektar, 10" WF Ektar, 19" Artar or 240mm G Claron. I could work with whichever one destiny leaves me, but the speed of the Ektars might give them the nod.

25-Apr-2011, 22:18
240mm f9 Doctor Germinar

Just fits the way I see.

Alternative is the 355 G-Claron.


Jim Graves
25-Apr-2011, 23:01
Same as Oren and Sal ... the one I keep going back to is my 270mm Kenro (Goerz)

Richard Mahoney
26-Apr-2011, 01:39
Well *if* I had an 8x10 and *if* I had to have just one lens, it would most likely be the 8x10 equivalent of the only lens that I ever use with my 4x5 -- a Schneider Super-Symmar HM 150/5.6. I'm assuming that the Super-Symmar HM 210/5.6 is just as worthy of singular affection ;)

Kind regards,


Jim Becia
26-Apr-2011, 06:03
I have been quite pleased with my Fuji W 300. I'd keep it.

I'm with Vaughn on this one. My Fuij 300 is awfully sharp and seems to be the lens I reach for when I have the 8X10 out. (It was rated bargain by KEH, and from all my inspecting, it looked mint. Rated bargain because it had no lens caps.) Have been extremely pleased with this lens. Jim

Brian Ellis
26-Apr-2011, 07:25
210 f/9 G Claron

John Kasaian
26-Apr-2011, 21:12
Come to think of it for several years I did only have one 8x10 lens--the 14" Commercial Ektar. If I had to step back in time I'd still consider myself well lensed with just the 14"Commercial.

27-Apr-2011, 00:48
My 12" f6.8 Goerz Am Opt Dagor which was factory coated after WWII, it came with the camera, is remarkably sharp, gives great tonality.

The previous owner (a photography Professor) had never used it fitting a Nikon 300mm M instead, what a mistake :D