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24-Apr-2011, 06:49
I am getting a 5X7 reducing back for my Folmer/Schwing 8X10 (thanks blind_sparks).

I have a Caltar-S II 150mm that may (or may not) just barely cover 5X7. And even if it does, due to the camera design, I may have to fabricate a recessed lens board.

I have a 300mm Schneider Componon f5.6 enlarging lens that I have used with 8X10 and it is sharp and has good coverage.
I have seen the 150mm versions on ebay for around $100 +/-. Does anyone know if that lens will cover 5X7? I like all the aperture blades and the f5.6.

Any other suggestions for a 150mm - 165mm lens, f/5.6, barrel or shuttered, that might be had for $100 +/-, that will cover 5X7?

Ole Tjugen
24-Apr-2011, 07:14
150mm f:5.6 Symmar convertible will cover straight on at small stops. Most likely newer Plasmats too.

But what I would really suggest is a 120 or 165mm Angulon. The 120mm just covers - nominally it doesn't, in reality it does at f:32. The 165mm f:6.8 Angulon will cover 8x10" as well as the 120mm covers 5x7"

24-Apr-2011, 07:25
Fujinon W 150 with the lettering on the inside of the barrel. Image circle: 245mm. You may be able to get one of those cheap from someone that thinks the older Fujinon lenses are worth less than the newer ones.

The Componon 150mm will cover 5x7 at 1:1 reproduction with room for movements.

Pete Roody
24-Apr-2011, 07:31
A 150mm G-Claron will cover 5x7.

Chuck Pere
24-Apr-2011, 08:29
I also use the 150 G-Claron. It doesn't seem like a Componon would make a good general purpose lens. Unless all you do is closeups. It will be hard to find a $100 150mm that covers 5x7.

24-Apr-2011, 09:25
maybe an dagor in barrel? decent shutter alone is worth $100ish. my 120mm dagor covers 5x7.

26-Apr-2011, 03:28
for a componon, I'd think you should get chage for $100 but that's a really tight budget for a lens...

to go back to the original question: I have a 150mm/5.6 componon and i've measured the image circle [focused at infinity] as 235mm to the black edge so it should just "cover" but if you use it for 5x7 I'm guessing the corners will at least be soft [and possibly vignetted?] and there won't be much if any movement.

I made the same measurement for a 150/5.6 el-nikkor and it was only 225mm so you probably won't get much better from an enlarging lens except that the 150mm/f9 g-claron sometimes comes up mounted in barrel as an enlarger/ process lens and you might get lucky and get one for around the $100 mark?