View Full Version : Agfapan 25 in 4x5

Peter Gomena
23-Apr-2011, 22:59
I recently was given some Agfapan 25 4x5 sheet film that has been frozen since it was purchased in the early 1980s. Expiration date of 1984.

I have enough film to test the emulsion and use it, but I'm looking for some starting times in any sort of developer. I have Rodinal, WD2D+, PMK, Pyrocat-HD available. I process by hand in trays. Any suggestions?

Peter Gomena

24-Apr-2011, 01:45
I've developed tons of Agfapan 25 in Rodinal 1:50, but don't recall the time.

Mine was all 120, not 4x5, but the time should be the same. It's on the Rodinal info sheet.

- Leigh

24-Apr-2011, 04:14

Agfapan 25 and Rodinal is a combination made in heaven.

24-Apr-2011, 18:48
I just pulled the Rodinal info sheet. Recommendations for APX 25 are:
1+25 6 min.
1+50 10 min.

Agitation: Continuous for first minute, then 5 seconds every 30 seconds.

- Leigh

24-Apr-2011, 19:05
I don't have any times or suggestions for you, but I do know from experience that Rodinal is one of the best developers for old film. I had a bunch of T-Max from the mid 90's that fogged horribly in other developers, but in Rodinal developed beautifully.

Odds are, with the slow speed of the film, you will get wonderful negs, still.

Peter Gomena
24-Apr-2011, 23:39
Thanks, everyone. I'll give it a shot in Rodinal. I think it's important to use a low-fog developer. It will be interesting to see how it's held up after 27 years.

Peter Gomena