View Full Version : Does a 75 mm Rodenstock f/6.8 lens need a center filter

John Dorio
5-May-1999, 08:58
Does a 75 mm Rodenstock f/6.8 lens need a center spot filter when used on a 4x5 camera? (center spot neutral density)

Robert Anderson
5-May-1999, 21:00
John, from my experience with this lens, shooting interior/exterior architectural scenes, I have not experienced any edge fall off or vignetting at all. This is a great lens, and I have used it both for infinity and close focus situations with out a hitch.

Bob Salomon
6-May-1999, 00:02
It has the same fall off as other wide angles. More than the 4.5 75mm.

Do you need a filter is the proper question?

If you like the fall off you don't.

If you dodge and burn when printing you don't.

If you overlight the edges of the scene you don't.

If you have dark areas like trees in the corners you don't,

Otherwise you probably do. You should shoot typical scenes for you and decide for yourself. No one else can.

Most people shooting lenses 90 or wider use a center filter.

Carlos Co
6-May-1999, 12:40
I shoot a 90/6.8 Grandagon, and half the time, I'm grateful for the light fall off (no need for ND Grad!). The other half, I absolutely hate it. I'd probably get a CF filter in the near future.

Larry Huppert
7-May-1999, 01:06
I shoot a Schneider 75mm f/5.6 and use a center filter most of the time. You especially need one if shooting broad areas with the same tonal values. It seems particularly important to use when using movements. I don't know if Rodenstock is significantly different from the Schneider (I kind of doubt it).