View Full Version : hc110 & Acros 100 sheet film

23-Apr-2011, 10:12
i could not find any info on this combination, hc110 was the only dev. i have at the moment, i searched the dev. chart on digital truth and the only thing they had was 120 film @ 100 iso 7 min dil E. so i thought ok ill try that, i use a jobo so i thought i would cut my time back a min. oh boy! that didnt work to well here are the results of that test

23-Apr-2011, 10:14
after some trial and error and a bit of wasted film, i think i might have found it, 1:26 for 6.5 minutes seems to work pretty well for me, i could have used dil E here but i my time would have been down to around 3 min. kind of made me nervous about that anyway here are the results of my last test

23-Apr-2011, 10:15
forgot to post the images

Jan Normandale
24-Apr-2011, 23:08
Nice images. It looks like you've got it down.

Mark MacKenzie
3-May-2011, 15:53
BTW What temp did you process?

4-May-2011, 11:43
If you're happy with that as a starting point, you could publish the data for future people-in-the-dark: http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?doc=submitdata