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23-Apr-2011, 05:17
Hi there,

I have two 8x10 inch lenses with both a broken Compound shutter.
1: Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 4,5/210
The shutter works, but irregular. i understood that you cannot use shutteroil.
Also there is a little wether on the backside of the lens.
Who can repair the lens in Europe?
2: Hugo Meyer & Co -Görlitz Euryplan Satz VII 28 - 47 mm lenses
The shutter bore is missing. There need some spareparts.
Does enybody know who can repair in Europe and have spareparts?

Hope somebody can help me
Kind regards,

Ole Tjugen
23-Apr-2011, 05:59
The Xenar is in a compound #3, and all but the very oldest Compound shutters have metal blades. Some of the very oldest ones (and possibly some later ones too, in the USA) may have paper blades. If metal, it is quite safe to use both solvent and oil.

As to the Euryplan Satz, I don't know what shutter that would have nor do you give enough information. I assume that the focal lengths are in cm not mm?

23-Apr-2011, 10:25
Thank you for your answer.
Sorry, I forgot to say that with the Euryplan it is exactly the same shutter as the xenar. They are both compound shutters with metal blades.
And sorry again, it is 28- 47 cm, not mm.