View Full Version : Lens of an old English SLR-camera

23-Apr-2011, 03:40
Is there somebody who can tell me something about this lens?

Dan Fromm
23-Apr-2011, 04:46
It is an aerial camera lens, probably a Dallmeyer Serrac. That is, a tessar type. The first two characters of the serial number are UU, I think this means Dallmeyer but could be mistaken.

The "broad arrow" on the barrel shows that it was British crown property. 14A/3140 indicates that it was Air Ministry photographic equipment (14A) purchased under contract 3140.

To verify that it is a tessar type, count reflections. There should be two strong reflections from the front cell, two strong and one weak from the rear. The weak reflection may be hard to see.

23-Apr-2011, 05:20
Thank you for your Information. Do you also have some idea about the serial-no.? How old in a Dallmeyer like that?

Dan Fromm
23-Apr-2011, 06:22
Great Patriotic War.