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gilles langlois
9-Mar-2001, 13:37
Is there a possibility to find a self cocking shutter to use on a 4X5 camera tha t can be fired from a distance via a remote release or a radio system?The idea b eing to use it in addition of a motorized roll film back,allowing to shoot witho ut having to be near the camera.Thanks.

Eric Blevins
9-Mar-2001, 15:09
I know Sinar used to have a high end camera that would close the shutter and stop down to a pre-determined f-stop when you inserted the holder. I saw this at a Dean Collins seminar several years ago. Not sure of the model but I think it was a P or F series. Maybe someone here can clarify.

9-Mar-2001, 15:44
Sure, that's what assistant's are for...

Andrew Pell
9-Mar-2001, 18:57
The Sinar system is the Auto Aperture Shutter and as has been said, works at full aperture for focussing etc and closes down to the working aperture when you press the release. It also auto closes the shutter on inserting a film back. They plug the fact that it's easier to work behind the camera rather than peering around the front to change any settings as it has rear viewable / alterable settings. You'd also need DB mount lenses for it to work rather than normal ones.

I think it fits all the Sinar range as things are modular. It goes in between the bellows and the front standard.

How about one of these air releases (bulb and a long bit of pipe) or do you want to be "miles" away?

If you've got a motorised film wind, all you want now is autofocus! :- )

Larry Huppert
9-Mar-2001, 19:23
Horseman and others have electronic shutters for view camera lenses. They are very expensive, but could probably do what you want.

If you check previous posts about this same/similar subject you will find quite a bit of information.

9-Mar-2001, 20:22
I'm just curious about the "motorized roll film back" I don't think I've ever seen one of these for a view camera. Is this some kind of modified medium format back, or what? I guess the other poor-man's solution would be to use a prontor shutter and a bulb release. But, you couldn't get too far away.

Bob Salomon
10-Mar-2001, 06:25
Linhof makes a 5" motorized back for 126mm film on NATO modified spools for the Aero Technica and the Technika. A different version is used on the close range measuring Linhof Metrika cameras. Those are t he cameras used to precisely measure the 5000 year old "Ice Man" that was dug out of the Alps a few years ago.

10-Mar-2001, 12:40
Thanks Bob, I should have known that Linhof would have something like that. Now, next question. Can we get that on state contract? (just kidding, I have no idea why we'd ever need something like).

gilles langlois
10-Mar-2001, 14:53
Thank you guys.The motorized roll film back I was talking about was effectively a Mamiya medium format one.I think Fuji have one too.Could be not too complicated to makes an adapter who goes from a 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 Graflock back to a 4X5 Graflock back.Maybe they already exist.

Steve Wiley
11-Mar-2001, 08:07
Prontor makes self-cocking shutters called "press shutters".

adam friedberg
11-Mar-2001, 08:54
mamiya has the 6x8 battery powered rf back for the rb series but i'm not sure how a non rb series camera would trigger the back to advance (it's been at least ten years since i've seen one). the fuji backs are for their 680 series and are powered by that camera only. they have a battery inside but that is for memory purposes. it's been announced canham is coming out with a motorized 617 back for 5x7 cameras. linhof, as bob said, has motorized backs to shoot 4x5 images and i don't doubt you could fit a prontor or some electonic shutter to fire remotely. so, go on down to your linhof dealer and whip out the platinum card. it'll all be o.k.

Jim Galli
12-Mar-2001, 16:40
Forget large format. Get an old Hasselblad with a motor and a 70mm roll back.