View Full Version : Filter size for Turner Reich 12" Convertible Lens

Donald R. Cassling
8-Mar-2001, 12:04
Can someone tell me the filter size for a Turner Reich 12" convertible lens? I' ve looked through the archives, and have not seen this addressed before. Thanks .

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
8-Mar-2001, 12:42
On the front of the lens, you will notice it is engraved, "Series II". That's the filter size in the old slip-on system. I haven't pursued finding the appropriate size slip-on ring and filter, but instead use a 67 or larger filter with the appropriate step-down ring attached to several "stacked" filters - with the glass removed from them making a sort of slip on barrel.

S. K. Grimes will make a filter adapter ring for you. He's here: http://www.skgrimes.com

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
8-Mar-2001, 12:45
Peruse this thread:


8-Mar-2001, 18:35
I was able to find a hard lens hood that slipped over the barrel of the lens, after applying a couple layers of tape to the inside of the hood it fits snug. I then found a 67mm adapter ring that fit over the threaded part of the hood. By gluing them together I can utilize my 67mm filters on the lens. It cost less than $10.00 for the two pieces and a little time. The "adapter" fits on both the front and rear maiking it useful for use behind the lens when the lens is converted.