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22-Apr-2011, 04:13
My main concern is contact printing 5x7" negs. I'd like to try something alternative to basic RC or FB papers. Especially to get something with more of a tint to the page but without needing more toning kits.

So far in the UK there's one place that advertises POP, and have asked if they sell the paper in a larger quantity.

I was also thinking about using liquid emulsion to coat some watercolour papers.

Does anyone have other suggestions, or examples of doing the above?

MIke Sherck
22-Apr-2011, 08:56
How about cyanotype, salt prints, van Dyke? I especially like cyanotypes toned in tea. :)


22-Apr-2011, 09:06

you might look at some of the work done by emil schildt who goes by the name
gandolfi here on the forum
he has been using liquid emulsions for what seems a long time
and has quite a mastery of it.

have fun!

Scott Davis
22-Apr-2011, 09:16
Also try doing Ziatypes. It's a palladium printing-out process. Very easy to do, and because it's hand-coated, you can put it on just about any paper you want.

Pete Watkins
22-Apr-2011, 10:14
Hi Ash,
Give those tossers at Harmon some stick. Ilford made POP in quantity 80 years ago, Kentmere made POP until they were asset stripped by Harmon BUT Harmon just can't be bothered. I no longer buy their products.
Just out of interest who is making POP now?

22-Apr-2011, 10:19
Thanks for the suggestions.

I know Emil's stuff well... I'm still waiting for a print from him *cough cough* :)

No idea who's making the POP, I got a link to some from a thread I found but it's 3.20 for 10 sheets, plus crazy postage. Annoying I want to look into it after UK manufacturers have ceased.

Oren Grad
22-Apr-2011, 10:50
If you're just looking for something that looks and feels a bit different but isn't a big production to process, you might try the new Ilford Multigrade Art 300. It was supposed to be going on sale in the UK as of April 4.

Richard Rankin
22-Apr-2011, 14:48
Someone had posted either here or on APUG of a new POP that was available but it had a 30 day use-by date. A search by someone (more motivated than I am...) should turn it up here or there.

I second the Van Dyke and Cyanotype recommendations. I used to have Photographers Formulary and Bostick & Sullivan mail me kits to Australia at a reasonable rate, so I suspect you could get them from the US if you need to.

I have most of a box of Centennial POP 11x14 left but it is starting to fog because I didn't use it quickly enough. When I bought it from B&S, I'm pretty sure it was the last box sold in the USA.

Seems to me that Simon of Harmon said they were discontinuing the stuff needed for POP because of environmental and safety issues for their employees.


Richard Rankin
22-Apr-2011, 14:56
OK, I did the search and the company/people they were discussing was this outfit here:


Have never otherwise heard of them ,never used their products, but might be interested...

22-Apr-2011, 15:01
Richard, that's America but I'm in the UK. Maybe it'll help others though.

Scott --
22-Apr-2011, 17:09
Well, I'm glad you asked this, Ash, 'cause now I'm interested in trying Van Dyke... ;)

23-Apr-2011, 01:30
You dont need much to make a salt print and Atget who made albumen prints must have known something we dont. I would love to try both. You are probably already aware of the rescources at alternativephotography.com

Richard Rankin
23-Apr-2011, 06:38
Some one once gave me a 'kit' from Photog Formulary for making salt prints and I never got around to using it. If anyone is interested and willing to pay the postage, I'll dig around and see if I've still got it. I know nothing about salt prints so don't know if the chems expire or not.


23-Apr-2011, 13:58
I already have what I need Richard. Mostly it boils down to AgNO3 I think.

Richard Rankin
23-Apr-2011, 14:04
It wasn't where I thought it should be anyway. If I locate it, I'll post it in the classifieds along with stuff I DID find...