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21-Apr-2011, 15:33
I just bought a Calumet C1 8x10 camera with a Copal 3 lensboard. I have no Idea what shutters or lenses to use on this rig anyone care to help me out here? Also is it possible to use different sized Copal lensboards,shutters and lenses? I'm not finding much affordable shutters or lenses. I mostly do landscape and portrait. I've moved up from 4x5 which I haven't done in years, so I'm a little lost here with the Copal numbers,shutters etc. I don't suppose you can stick a 4x5 shutter on this thing right?

21-Apr-2011, 16:21
There are no "4x5" shutters. You can use any shutter or lens you want on your camera. All you need is the right sized lens board, and make sure that the lens will cover the 8x10 format. If you still have your 4x5, you might see which lenses you already have. Current Copal shutters come in #0, 1 and 3 sizes. Some older #3 shutters may be #3S shutters, though they are marked as #3. You can read up more on the home page here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/


Jon Shiu
21-Apr-2011, 16:26
Also, it's easy to make a lensboard for this camera to fit other sized shutters out of thin plywood or masonite and some black tape to shim it tight.


21-Apr-2011, 16:28
When you look at the link Kumar mentioned above, also scroll down to the "lens comparison charts". You'll love it!

Robert Opheim
24-Apr-2011, 23:03
I have a Calumet C1 camera - it is absolutely rock solid. It is much stonger than many of the wooden cameras. It is also heavier. Many different lenses will fit on this camera. These vary from newer ones in copal shutters to older ones in a variety of types of shutters and no shutters. For portrait work if you are using flash you will want a sync cord connection on the shutter. Otherwise most other kinds of shutters work. For interior portraits using fixed lights - I have used: packard, betax, copal, and compur shutters - there are a number of other shutters as well. Landscapes often are longer exposures and a shutter is not always required - so a barrel lens will work with a lens cap - often I have 2 to 3 min. exposures. Make sure the lens covers 8x10 - some of the wonderful copy lens such as Artars need to be longer to cover 8x10. I have lens in shutters from #1 copals, #3 copals, and a #5 betax.

Lynn Jones
26-Apr-2011, 12:37
The Calumet Ci is a 6x6 exactly the same size and shape as the Deardorff, Jack D. gave us the specifications so that the lens boards would be interchangable.