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21-Apr-2011, 04:18
It is my understanding that the 6x17 negative is too long for a standard 4x5 glass negative carrier. So if you want to enlarge a negative the obvious answer is to use an 8x10 enlarger which I suspect few (including myself don't have). Other options are to scan the negative and print using an inkjet printer.

Those are my "figuring it out" thoughts, but in the real world what do those who enlarge 6x17 negatives actually do?

I love panoramas but am hesitant to try this format until I understand what is really involved

do understand that 6x12 is a more "user friendly" option which I also intend to try...

your feedback is appreciated

Bob Salomon
21-Apr-2011, 04:54
5x7 enlarger. 6x12 can be printed on a 4x5 enlarger.

Linhof makes both a 6x12 Technorama and a 6x17 Technorama. Both work the same way but 6x12 is smaller and lighter. Both are easily used hand held (unless you equip the 617 S III with the shift adapter, then it has to be used on a tripod. The Linhof 612 cameras have 8mm of shift buit into the camera so the finder accounts for that when composing).

21-Apr-2011, 06:07
Like Bob pointed out, it should fit on a 5x7 glass carrier. There is a 5x7 enlarge in Canada in the forsale section right now.

Gem Singer
21-Apr-2011, 06:27
I have a Canham 6x17 roll film back for my Canham MQC57 camera,

It takes 4 exposures on a roll of 120 film, and has a battery operated film advance.

The 6x17 negatives are scanned on an Epson V750 and 7"x20" prints are made on an Epson 3880 inkjet printer.

The MQC57 also gives me the option of using either a 4x5 or a 5x7 back.

Unless you plan on using it frequently, a dedicated 6x17 roll film camera requires a large $$ investment.

There also a few 6x17 backs, made with rear extensions, that work on 4x5 cameras.

6x12 is no problem with the 4x5 format.

21-Apr-2011, 09:49
I have a Fuji 6x17 camera. As Gem pointed out in his post above, this size film is rather easy to scan on the Epson scanners.

Since I don't do any of my own printing I simply give the file to my local shop when I need a print for framing.

Bob G.